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ABG (UK) – finishing lines for digital printing machines

ABG is offering an extensive range of label converting machinery.

ABG havs over 15 years’ experience in developing digital finishing equipment, and continual investment in research and development gives its products the leading edge.
Together with Nissa Center.

Nissa Centrum is offering turn-key solutions for printing houses of different level and printing tasks. Since 25 years Nissa Center has cooperation with World leaders in area of manufacturing printing, print-finishing equipment and software solutions.

SBL Group (Taiwan) – carton packaging machinery

SBL is a World leader of wide range of packaging related equipment: Automatic Die-cutting & creasing platen, Foil stamping & Die cutting platen, High speed Folding & Gluing machine, Die-making machine, Precision Scroll Saw machine to Window patching machine and Automatic Laminators..

Stratasys (USA) - 3D professional printers

Stratasys is a World leader manufacturer of 3D printers and 3D production systems for office rapid prototyping and direct digital manufacturing solutions with wide range of thermoplastic materials, including: ABSpolyphenylsulfone (PPSF), polycarbonate (PC), ULTEM 9085, Nylon 12 and others.
Stratasys 3D printing systems using in office prototyping, direct digital manufacturing in automotive, aerospace, industrial, recreational, electronic, medical and consumer products.
Founded in 1989, by Mr. S. Scott Crump and his wife Lisa Crump in Eden PrairieMinnesota. Since April 2012 Objet Ltd.(Israil) became part of Stratasys, in 2013 Stratasys purchased USA based table top 3D manufacturer MakerBot.

MakerBot (USA) - 3D plastic table printers

Leading manufacturer of sales and production of table top 3D printers. In 2013 was purchased by company Stratasys.
The most advance 3D top table printers with high market shares in number of countries, including USA, Germany and other countries.
Together with Nissa Digispace.
Nissa Digispace is supplier of additive design and manufacturing equipment (3D printers) for aerospace, automotive, medical, dental, education and other market segments.

IDEAL (Germany) – guillotines

World famous manufacturer of hand operating and electrical guillotines and shredders. High end machinery, «made in Germany». Exporting products to 100 countries.

Together with Nissa Distribution.

Nissa Distribution is offering equipment for printing houses small and medium size digital and offset printing (brand OFFITEC) and special type of printing (screen printing, foil printing and other) (brand STENSART). Supply wide specter of printing and print-finishing machinery, turn-key solution for printing houses.
Active sales and promotion in Russian Federation, Belorussia and Kazakhstan. 

HP Indigo (USA) – digital printers

In 2002 HP bought manufacturer of digital presses and consumables - Indigo.
Today company HP Indigo has the widest range of digital printing presses for printing advertising and packaging products, labels in the World.   

GMG (Germany) – color management solutions

GMG is a leading developer and global supplier of high-end color management software solutions. Our customers span a wide range of industries and application areas including advertising agencies, prepress houses, offset, flexo, packaging, digital, and large-format printers as well as gravure printers.

Duplo (Japan) – medium size post printing machines

Duplo is manufacturer of finishing and printing equipment. Provides a

complete range of products for finishing print in the most effective and profitable way. Duplo has branches and sales-partners in 108 countries.

Bauman (Germany) – high end post printing machines

BAUMANN Maschinenbau is one of the leading manufacturers of cutting systems and pile turners, world-wide. Our range of products covers complete cutting lines for printers, book-binders and paper manufacturers.

Glunz & Jensen (Denmark) – prepress equipment 

Leading manufacturer of processors for offset and flexo plates development.
Together with Nissa Center Logistic.
Nissa Center Logistic – supplier of turn-key solutions (Software, hardware and consumables) of pre-press for flexo and offset printing houses. Working with world leading suppliers in pre-press area. NCL has branches in Russia and operate in Belorussia and Kazakhstan.

Concept Laser (Germany) - 3D metal printers

Concept Laser GmbH is one of pioneers and key drivers of powder-bed-based laser melting with metals / 3D metal printers, holder of number of patents related to metal 3D, including LaserCUSING® process. Over 15 years experience of metal additive manufacturing. Wide range of metal 3D printers. Export of products into more than 70 countries into aerospace, automotive, medical, dental, toolmaking and other market sectors.

ACE Machinery (Korea) - carton packaging machinery

ACE Machinery Company is a specialized manufacturer of automatic folding
carton gluing machines. It is exporting its machines to more than 40 countries
in USA, Europe, etc., under the brand name of "Signature".

together with Printpack
Printpack is a  leading supplier of equipment for post printing area, particularly for carton. Printpack has wide product range of packaging equipment from Japan, S.Korea, Taiwan, China,  Switzerland, Italy, USA and other countries. The company is operating in Russian Federation and CIS countries.

Schmedt (Germany) – Bookbinding machines

Schmedt is World leader in Bookbinding equipment, manufacturer of machines and tools for the making and converting of books with a hardcover. It has a tradition of more than 100 years in the bookbinding market and gained a lot of experience in the making of books. 

Salvade – Textile machines

Salvadè S.r.l. Italian textile machines manufacturer since 1967. During last 25 years Salvadè S.r.l. was focusing on production of industrial textile finishing equipment – mainly steamers and dryers.

EFI Reggiani.jpg
EFI Reggiani – textile machinery

EFI Reggiani is a global leader in integrated solutions for the professional textile machinery, with a focus on the development of sustainable and green processes. With the high quality and performance of its machines and outstanding service to its customers, today EFI Reggiani is the premiere manufacturer of digital and traditional printing machines and pre-post treatment machines (such as washing systems, bleaching, dyeing, etc.). Reggiani has over 70 years textile machines building and about 1.000 textile industrial ink jet printing systems installed World Wide.

Aeoon – industrial high speed digital flatbed printers

Aeoon technologies GmbH – founded in 2011 in Austrian Alps, World leading manufacturer of industrial high speed digital flatbed printers for variety application T-shirts, fabrics, wood, glass, rubber, plastic, others.   

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