Successful Market Re-entering

Client Objective:  Leading manufacturer of 3D metal printers from Germany was working in Russia during 3 years with local company, which was not doing well and losing sales in Russia and CIS market, conceding to competitors. German manufacturer wanted to change a negative trend of its sales in Russia.

Role of RUSSIA MARKET ENTRY CEO:  Sergey Kulakov and team created business plan, including sales and promotion strategy, which allowed German manufacture within 2 years’ time to increase sales, to install 3D metal printers at leading industrial groups, manufacturers and research & engineering centers of Russia and Kazakhstan, including healthcare segment.

Results: Together with Russian partner German manufacturer became a leader of 3D metal printers sales in Russia and CIS with the base for further sales growth and development.
Installment base became equal to France and other leading industrial economies. 

Redesign of Sales Strategy that Maximized the Results

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Client Objective:  Leading manufacturer of 3D plastic low-end printers from USA, working in Russia via branch in Germany had quite low sales, working with several local partners. He was constantly losing the market shares in Russia, Belorussia and Kazakhstan.

Role of RUSSIA MARKET ENTRY CEO:  Sergey Kulakov and team development a business plan, including sales and promotion strategy, advised on appointment of local Master-Distributor, organization of local stock, which allowed in short term to increase sales of 3D low-end printers (non-Russian origin) successfully and moreover to be able to compete with local 3D printers similar range, which had number of tender privileges.

Results: within 6 months 3D printers manufacturer increased sales many times, set up professional sales and service network in Russia and CIS, signed cooperation agreements with number of semi-government educational centers and organizations, which allowed to continue improving sales and market shares on a monthly basis. Sales volume in Russia and CIS became one of the top compared to leading European countries.    

Development of Efficient Marketing Strategy that Boosted  Sales

Client Objective:  Leading manufacturer of a medium-sized post printing professional equipment from Germany after years of active sales faced the problem with the equipment sales in Russia and CIS.

Role of RUSSIA MARKET ENTRY CEO:  Sergey Kulakov and team created a business strategy for intensive promotion and advertising of post-press solution around Russia, Belorussia and Kazakhstan.

Results: After 12 months of active promotion, sales of the equipment increased many times.
It was possible due to right measures, taken in Russia and CIS. Particular the conducting of roadshow program promotion and tenders participation. Sales of the equipment reached the level of mid 2000s – the best years of sales of the equipment in Russia and CIS.

Joint Participation in National Program of Russian Post Development

Client Objective:  Leading manufacturer of post equipment and software from USA was suffering from a lack of local representation, particularly for Russian Post project for automatic handling of correspondence.

Role of RUSSIA MARKET ENTRY CEO:  Sergey Kulakov and team set up agreement with Russian Post and supported one of the Federal projects of RP.

Results: USA equipment manufacturer was included in the Federal program of development of Russian Post. Local company managed to arrange technical support for the post handling equipment throughout the whole territory of Russian Federation.
Confidence and reliability of the equipment became a base for future participation in Rus Post projects.

Sales Strategy Implementation that Led to Company Leadership in its Field

Client Objective:  World leader of digital printing equipment practically lost their sales in Russia during the 2008 financial crisis. It happened due to negative economic situation, including credit limitation, printing volume decreasing and other trends.  

Role of RUSSIA MARKET ENTRY CEO:  Sergey Kulakov and team made sales strategy, including aggressive financing solution, which allowed to re-start sales.

Results: Joint sales and promotion strategy allowed the manufacturer to increase sales and win up to 80% market shares. Till today the client is ahead of majority of competitors, giants of digital printing industry.

High Resulting Strategy of Entering Russian Market From the Scratch

Client Objective: World-leading manufacturer of inks from Japan was not presented in Russia and CIS countries. The client wanted to enter the market on long term base and reach 15-20 % of market share.

Role of RUSSIA MARKET ENTRY CEO:  Sergey Kulakov and team set up a new enterprise, developed business strategy, including marketing activities, appointing regional sales partners, set up cooperation with key accounts, advised on local stock solution.

Results: within 2 years’ time the ink manufacturer achieved 1 Mio USD ink sales volume a year with further sales progress. About 30 % of local printing groups, market leaders were using the ink.