Description of package:  

Russian Market Snapshot is a concise tailor made snapshot of information, helping you to make decisions on your international market development.

Cost: Fixed flat rate – 900 USD

Term: up to 10 days

Package includes:

  • Overview of trends

  • Competition analysis

  • SWOT – analysis

  • Resume on business development


Business benefits:
Rapid time to value your opportunities to enter or extend the business in Russian market by conducting the analysis of market and defining opportunities by local experts.


Description of package:
This Package is designed to help you to enter Russian market and start sales as quickly as possible.

Cost: Fixed flat rate – 5.000 USD

Term: up to 90 days

Package includes:

  • Market research related to your products, services or equipment, including market overview, competition, SWOT analysis   

  • Setting up marketing strategy, including promotion, advertising, PR plan/ digital marketing strategy

  • Sales strategy formation

  • Promotion and sales launching  

  • Monitoring of business development, including sales, promotion and customer service  

  • Weekly advising on further business development 

Business benefits:
Maximum return on investment through rapid implementation of a project delivered by experts.


Description of package:
This approach implies the implementation of an optimal market entry strategy and on-going support of the business with the purpose of its control and further development.

Cost: depends upon complexity of the project and to be agreed individually

Term: 6 months +

Package includes:

Entry Support

  • Market analysis, competition

  • Customer base research

  • Sales channels identification

  • Products certification*

  • Local manufacturing possibilities*

  • Marketing plan

Entry Strategy Development

  • Entry strategy business plan

  • Facilities research* 

  • Sales strategy

  • Personnel employment*

  • Customs and logistics

  • Banking and accounting

  • Production setting up

  • Taxes and finance

  • Promotion and advertising

Project business development

  • Marketing and sales development

  • Legal and operational support

  • Further market expansion advise  

  • Daily monitoring of business development 


*in case it is required 

Business benefits:

Constant business development: monitoring, sales and marketing, customer support, financing, legal and other service related to your product at reasonable costs 


Description of package:

The objective of these steps is to find proper local business partners.

The localization of a company profile, marketing materials and website will allow your company to present itself according to local cultural customs and habits, including language, values, attitudes and mindset.

Cost: depends upon complexity of the project and to be agreed individually. You can choose each service separately or order a full package.

Term: from 3 days

Package includes:

  • Determining the requirements for the proper local partner as well as your company Russia -relevant unique selling propositions – from 200$

  • Translation, localization and transcreation of marketing materials , profile and other materials for presentation for potential business partners –   1800 characters with spaces - 20$

  • Translation, localization and transcreation of website if required -  from 200$

  • Identification of potential business partners - from 300$

  • Contacting or meeting the potential local companies on your behalf in order to choose proper local business partners - from 300$

  • In case of necessity arranging your visit to Russia CIS country for a personal meeting with local party, joint preparation for such meeting, including preparation meeting schedule, travel preparation, assisting with business negotiation and signing an agreement  - from 300$

Business benefits:

Quick start with reliable local partner and localized marketing tools for attracting proper target audience to make effective sales