Yukio Shirakura
President, Graphic Service International, Inc.,

My name is Mr. Yukio Shirakura, I am own my company Graphic Service International, Inc. in Tokyo Japan.

I know Mr. Sergei Kulakov since 1997 when Nissa was our partner in Russia and Sergei was a Director of Nissa International department and one of team leaders for Hamada Printing Press Company Limited (Offset press machines from Japan) sales business in Russia.

I have admitted workability, responsibility and openness of Sergei in cooperation with Hamada Printing Press Company Limited (Japan).
In end 90-th / beg 2000 we had great sales success in Russia and I believe Sergei was part of this success sales of Hamada machines.

I can say that the modernization of Russian printers was rapidly made by his continuous effort.

I know Sergei started his own consulting business for International trade and business travel – for sure I can recommend him as the best reliable partner.


Graphic Service International, Inc.


Yukio Shirakura

Paul Cripps



Managing Director and Vice President Sales EMEA/EFI



I have worked with Sergei Kulakov since 2007 when EFI and Nissa formed our partnership to distribute EFI-VUTEk products in the Russian Federation.  During that time Sergei was key contact with Nissa and was instrumental in negotiating contract terms, pricing and financial terms for our agreement.  Since the initial arrangements were established, Sergei has been instrumental in developing marketing plans, forecasts, key account visits, major account development plans and supporting our efforts for trade shows and virtually all sales promotion activities.  He is professional, communicated clearly and ensures that our goals are mutually win-win and achievable.  We have been able to count on him to provide us with market knowledge, competitive intelligence and helped us develop clear go-to-market actions to support our efforts.  


Sergei Kulakov has been instrumental in establishing and maintaining the relationship with our company.  I believe both companies have benefited by his engagement and his desire to ensure success.  




Paul Cripps

Vice President and Managing Director




Charles Kim
Sales Director, ACE Machinery, (South Korea)


First, Let me introduce myself, My name is Charles Kim I am working as a Sales Director for SIGNATURE company (ACE Machinery) in South Korea and I’d be happy to write you guy a reference letter regarding Mr Sergei Kulakov, In the 10 years I have known Mr Sergei as far as I remember and I have been impressed with his dedication to any endeavor he has been involved with, In a variety of capacities I have seen, and he is a great human being and he is the right business partner to work and grow the company as well, I would like to say that Mr Sergei is one of most nice partner so I highly recommend Mr Sergei as a professional, efficient, and experienced sales in Russia & CIS countries, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Thank you

Charles Kim,



  • Upon request the references can be provided also from the following countries: Germany, UK, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Turkey, Taiwan, China.