Printech Exhibition, 20-23 June, 2017. Signs of market improvement.

On the 20-23 of June 2017, the 3-rd exhibition PRINTECH 2017 took place in Moscow, Russia (exhibition ground - Crocus), where 75 Russian and Foreign companies displayed pre-press, printing and post-press machines, consumables and software solutions. The show was integrated into one of the 4 pavilions of Rosupack trade exhibition, which is in much better shape due to the development of agriculture, food and drink industries on the market. This year Printech show was a bigger size than last year but it is still quite modest compared to what it was 10 years ago. After 2008 the World economic crisis started after the collapse of bank Lemon Brothers - Russian printing industry was in a tough situation. During 2000-2008 it was a boom of local printing and packaging industries. The equipment, which was imported and purchased for the printing industry in Russia in 1993-2008 was more than enough to serve local market after the crisis started. Economic crisis decreased demand for the printing services, high competition among local printing houses affected the price of the printing services. Printing houses started optimizing all types of expenses, including a range of printing equipment, started looking for new products and niсhes on the market. A lot of second-hand printing equipment from Russia and Europe appeared on the market, sales of new printing machinery slowed down and even stopped for some types of high-end print finishing equipment. It was tough times for local printing houses and machines suppliers. But a crisis is always opportunities - printing houses, which were able to adapt to the realities even in complicated conditions did provide for the clients good quality products at reasonable prices, survived and even attracted new clients. This year at first two days of Printech there was quite a lot of visitors there, what was unusual to see, we hope that it is a good sign and after 9 tough years on the printing market in Russia and CIS countries, the market will finally restart its further development. Sincerely, Sergei Kulakov

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