At end of April,17 Duplo International hold an annual sales partners conference. Among the topics were 2016 results, trends of print finishing markets in Europe, presentation of new equipment.

MAJOR MARKET TRENDS - print finishing automation (production of brochures, leaflets, books and other products)

  • increasing of productivity - first of all in Western Europe and Scandinavia

  • Focus on key accounts projects with digital printers manufacturers: HP INDIGO, XEROX, RICOH, CANON, KONICA-MINOLTA

- shifting of printing orders from Western Europe to Eastern European countries printing houses

- reduction of printing jobs run, digital printing further expansion

- digital packaging development

Russia and CIS countries are slightly out of mainstream but there are the same trends, just slightly delaying.

During the Conference Duplo International was demonstrated a new Duplo product - spot varnish Duplo DuSense DDC810

We are glad that finally Duplo Corp. manufactured sport varnish device because spot varnish market is under intensive development. Now we will have to catch up market leaders in the area of spot varnish MGI (France) and Scodix (Israel). We hope having price advantage compare to competitors we will be able to wedge into this market segment already in 2017.

Duplo DuSense DDC810 will be demonstrating this year at:

7 July HP Indigo «DSCOOP" in Lyon, France 11-14 Oct at trade show"Druck + Form» in Sinsheim, Germany

12 Oct at "Viscom '17", in Milan, Italy

31 Oкт at "IPEX ’17" in Birmingham, UK Next year my client - Nissa Distribution (Russia) plan to bring Duplo DuSense DDC810 to Moscow for Printeck exhibition

The leader of Duplo sales in Europe company FKS (Hamburg) did share with the Conference participants their experience in sales and sales support of Duplo flagman print-finishing line I-Saddle on German market. Currently FKS sell I-Saddle a year more than the whole Europe together including Russia & CIS countries.

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