Metalloobrabotka Exhibition, May 2017, Moscow. We actively participated, demonstrating new 3D printe

From 15-19 May 2017 in Moscow, one of the biggest trade shows in Russia - METALLOOBRABOTKA 2017 (Metal processing) took place.

This year the show had the following parameters:

- show space = 39 500 sq.m.

- number of visitors more than 30 000 visitors

- 1042 exhibitors from 30 countries

There were a number of the events in the frame of the show:

• VII International science forum «Modern trends in technology of metal processing equipment»

• «Russian export center: support of export in metal industry»

• International forum «Digital machine building: problems and solutions»

• Conference «Industry 4.0 in metal industry»

Among the VIP guests, the show was visited by Mr. Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry of Russian Federation, Mrs. Natalia Sergunina, deputy Mier of Moscow for economical matters, Mr. Gleb Nikitin, First Deputy of Minister of Industry of Russia and other officials.

The major trends:

- further automatization and digitalisation of metal processing equipment

- metal processing as part of Industrial Revolution 4.0

- robots and robotization in metal processing

- a combination of traditional metal processing with additive technology

- Russian government support for local metal industries

My client - company Nissa Digispace took part in trade show METALLOOBRABOTKA ’17

On our booth the following 3D printers were displayed:

- Z-18 MakerBot (USA) inexpensive 3D FDM printer for education and real business purposes

- the newest model of FDM printer from Stratasys - F270 (USA) - relatively inexpensive printer with high printing quality and a possibility to print by different materials

- MLab - 3D metal printer from Concept Laser (Germany), already popular in Russian Federation - more than 20 installations

There were about 650 visitors at Nissa Digispace booth during the show period. We were glad to explain visitors the latest trends on 3D market, to show them nice 3D samples for a variety of the markets: industry, education, medicine, jewelry and other segments.

We have to admit that interest in 3D technology from Russian auditorium is high but most clients are just starting to learn about it and think how they can use it for their businesses.

Sincerely, Sergei Kulakov


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