Meeting with TAULER Laminating TECH

On July 24-26, the company Nissa Distribution ( was visited by representatives of the company Tauler S.L. (Spain), Mr. Josep Saumell is one of the chief engineers and co-owner of the company and Mr. Alvaro Millán, the export manager of Tauler. The representatives conducted sales training for Tauler laminators, negotiations with the management of Nissa Distribution company regarding joint cooperation for the sale of Tauler laminates in Russia and CIS and visited users of their laminators in Moscow. Negotiations were held with the participation and support of Mr. S.Kulakov, director of East West Partners Ltd.

Tauler S.L. ( was founded in 1960. The first patent for the production of a laminator with cold rollers was received by the company in 1965, and the company issued one of the last patents for the hot rolling device in 1991. For 40 years, the company has produced more than 3000 industrial laminators of various classes. The headquarters and production of TAULER Laminating TECH are located in Spain, Barcelona.

Mr. Alvaro Millán, export manager of the Tauler company, during the presentation of the Tauler laminators
Mr.S.Kulakov, director of East-West Partners during negotiations with representatives of Tauler

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