On the 13-14 of October '17, the 5th trade show related to 3D technologies - 3D Print Expo took place in Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre (Moscow, Russia). 3D scanners, 3D printers, software products and 3D print samples were presented in the frame of the show.

The exhibition included 3D master-classes, new equipment presentations, awards for a new type of 3D equipment, 3D fashion show, lotteries, 3D parts and items gallery, speeches of leading 3D specialists, including 3D manufacturers' reps from Europe. Despite high costs of 3D equipment, more and more companies start using 3D equipment in different industries in the World and in Russian Federation as well. A number of Russian companies already actively use 3D technologies in prototyping and real parts production in aerospace, automotive, medicine (for implants, operations modelling and for other purposes), jewellery, education and other areas. There were more 3D service bureaus presented at the show compare to previous years for both - metal and plastic production, which is an indication of 3D market development. Concerning number and quality of the visitors - it was quite similar compare to 2016, here we are in the World trend, where after 3D booming and flat development, the market is slowly going up from beginning 2017.

Here is a brief photo report from the event.

3D clothes sample

Nissa Digispace Stand

Master-class on 3D printing

3D products

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