Trade show of Additive technologies - Formnext 2017 Frankfurt, Germany 15-18 November

The major topics of the show were following: - Solutions for Additive Manufacturing

- Industrial tooling

- 3D Design & product development

- Quality management and metrology

- Materials and components

- Training and education

- Research and Development (R&D)

- Organizations and publishers

Compared with last year, the exhibition area, the number of participants and visitors this year grew by an average of 35%, which was clearly noticeable. There were many new names among the manufacturers of 3D printer.

We saw that the industrial giants, such as GE (General Electric), HP (Hewlett-Packard), BASF, BMW,

Audi-Volkwagen, Boeing, Airbus and other major industrial production groups started entering 3D World.

Obviously the presence of the world's leading manufacturers will certainly accelerate the development of the additive technologies and 3D industry as a whole.

Also at the exhibition there was a number of educational institutions with their new developments in additive R&D and study programs. And it is natural since, according to forecasts, there aren't already enough employees for additive production, and the deficiency will only increase.

The first serious results of application of additive technologies in industry appeared, as the division of RENAULT TRUCKS designed and manufactured with the help of 3D technologies a prototype engine for Euro-6 for a truck that is 25% lighter than the analog made in the traditional way, with the number of parts and components of the engine decreased from 841 to 240.

Leaders of use of additive technologies are still automobile, space and medical industries, on the way - consumer goods, productions of foundries forms, the engineering companies for the industry and others.

Each exhibition Formnext demonstrates a number of new materials for 3D printing, for today hundreds of materials are already available to users: various plastics (transparent, color, elastic, heat-resistant, shockproof, etc.), a wide range of metals (from precious - gold, silver, platinum, to titanium and heat-resistant steels), ceramics, glass and so on.

This year on Formnext for the first time was demonstrated a 3D printer that prints glass.

There were about 10 companies from Russia, among them: manufacturers of 3D printers, software products and 3D production.

From my point of view the main trends in the market of 3D technologies today are:

- coming in the 3D industry of the giants of the world industry

- appearance of new manufacturers of printers and materials

- 3D printing camera enlargement (both plastic and metal printers)

- penetration of 3D technologies into new spheres of production

- further improvement of software for printing and control of finished products

The day before start of Formnext ‘17, Stratasys, the world's leading manufacturer of 3D printers, held a partner’s conference

During the conference, the following issues were discussed:

- the main trends in the 3D printing market in 2017

- Stratasys marketing strategy

- product line, including new printers and software products

- case studies of Stratasys printers in different markets

- new materials for printing

Good luck to all!

Sincerely, Sergey Kulakov

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