At the beginning of February in Moscow a meeting between representatives of GE-Concept Laser, GE-Russia and CIS and Nissa Digispace (division of Nissa Group) has taken palace. The meeting was in frame of last year GE’s acquisition of Concept Laser company (World leading manufacturer of metal 3D printers) and Concept Laser’s integration into GE’ structures worldwide. Specially for this meeting to Moscow arrived from Germany Mr. Andreas Tulaj, Sales Leader Europe, GE Additive and Oleg Yentin, Area Sales Manager, Concept Laser. From side of GE Russia and CIS the meeting was attended by a number of key GE personnel led by Mr. Kirill Saburov, Growth & Marketing Leader and Alexey Borev, Senior Counsel – Government Affairs.

There was also a brief meeting-overview related to the opportunities of joint cooperation with Mr. Ron Pollett, GE Vice President, President and CEO, GE Russia/CIS.

In frame of GE-Nissa meeting, both sides examined the current situation with sales of 3D GE-Concept Laser printers, discussed sales opportunities on various market segments for the further 3D printers sales development, met a number of key accounts including S7 Airlines, Rosatom-TVEL and visited a couple of 3D GE-Concept Laser installations in Moscow region.

Being World market leader in a number of segments and businesses (transport, power, oil&gas, healthcare, others), GE with its market positioning, technological & financing strength, worldwide sales organization structure, strong clients base is able to raise 3D printers sales on a new much higher level.

We sincerely hope that Nissa Digispace being the leading expert in 3D printing in Russia and CIS will be able to provide GE Russia and CIS a proper level of 3D supportive expertise required for the further joint 3D printers sales development in the region.

Concept Laser

Concept Laser GmbH was founded in 2000, is one of the world’s leading providers of machine and plant technology for 3D printing of metal parts. Since December 2016, Concept Laser has been part of GE Additive, a division of the world's leading digital industrial enterprise General Electric (GE). GE Additive was founded in 2016 and acquired 75% of the company shares of Concept Laser, among others.

The technology driver is the patented LaserCUSING® technology from Concept Laser - the powder-bed-based laser melting 3D printing method. The company’s customers come from different sectors of industry - medical and dental, the aerospace, toolmaking and mold construction, automotive, watch and jewelry.

GE Russia & CIS

GE in Russia is working since beginning of 1920, when in Russia started the country electricity development program. Today GE in a key partner for a number of biggest Russian companies in the area of power, oil & gas, transport industry and healthcare. More than 1500 GE staff is working in offices of GE in Russia and CIS, the headquarters of the company based in Moscow.

Nissa Digispace

NISSA Digispace was founded in 2005.

Today the Company is leading integrator of industrial systems for digital production in the field of 3D printing for the following market segment: education, healthcare, oil&gas, aerospace and automotive. Nissa Digispace is an exclusive partner in Russia and CIS for the World leading 3D manufacturers: GE-Concept Laser, Stratasys, MakerBot.

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